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Film Music and Sound Reels containing a limited selection of Amy's work.



Humbug Manor cortometraje de animación de Juan Carlos Mostaza, candidato a Goya, música original por Amy Fajardo

Humbug Manor

Produced by: The Cathedral Media Productions
Director: Juan Carlos Mostaza
Music: Amy Fajardo

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Nahid Adele Poster

Nahid & Adele

Produced by: Not Alone Productions
Director: Tábata Cerezo
Music: Amy Fajardo

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La Caza Movie Poster

La Caza

Produced by: Efti
Director: Amy Fajardo
Music: Amy Fajardo
Sound Design/post: Amy Fajardo

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Claudia cortometraje de Gabriel Beitia. Compositora música original y sonido Amy Fajardo


Produced by: Raúl Ruano
Director: Alejandro Moreno
Sound Design/Post: Amy Fajardo
Music: Amy Fajardo
Sound Design/Post: Amy Fajardo

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Aquellos Días, Este Tiempo (Those Days This Time) by Alejandro Moreno, música original por Amy Fajardo

Aquellos Días, Este Tiempo

Produced by: Raúl Ruano
Director: Alejandro Moreno
Music: Amy Fajardo

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Comerte cortometraje dirigido por María Dobli, Post producción de sonido Amy Fajardo


Produced by: Raúl Ruano, Evil Doghouse
Director: María Dobli
Sound Design/Post: Amy Fajardo

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Amy C. Fajardo is a colombian/italian media music composer, sound designer/producer, photographer and film director currently based in the city of Madrid, Spain. She's a Film Scoring graduate from Berklee College of Music (Boston) and holds a Masters in Digital Sound Production of AVID Pro Tools from CICE, and a Masters in Sound Postproduction from ECAM. Her strong passion for music, sound, film and video games has led her to explore different fields within the industry, which is why she also has studies in Film Directing and Studio Photography.

Amy has written original music and done the sound design/post-production for short films, ads, documentaries, web-series, experimental videos and fashion films, among others. Among some of the projects she's written music for is "Humbug Manor", an animated short film by Juan Carlos Mostaza, which was short-listed for the 2023 Goya Awards. She has been a Jury member at the "Luna de Cortos" Film Festival, in Spain, and is also a member of the Advisory Board at the Gandhara Independent Film Festival.

Aside from her freelancing work, she teaches film music to film directors and 3rd-year sound students at the ECAM university in Madrid, location sound recording for Filmmakers at EFTI, sound design for the Masters in Motion Graphics at LABASAD and music and sound for film at TAI University, among other workshops.

As a film director, the short film LA CAZA (The Hunt) was her first original project. Aside from that, she has also worked as a Daily Assistant Director in productions such as White Lines (Netflix), Cuéntame Cómo Pasó (RTVE) and The English (Amazon Prime Video).
To read more about “La Caza”, click here.

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